The Black Wealth Consortium is a crusade that combines an educational and coaching company with a nonprofit organization to help Black families build generational income. 

Generational Wealth Building has eluded African-American families for over 400 years. There are many contributing factors; however, we believe the greatest factor is the inability to leverage the resources of African American families collaboratively.

We are committed to a strategy that leverages asset collecting with collaboration to build an economic base that will capitalize Black-owned institutions with agendas of empowering Black families for generations.

Redland Ahead, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit organization formed to work in unison with FIU to provide support to the FIU’s Agro-Ecology program in South Florida in expansion of the newly awarded FIU Hispanic Land Grant University status.  Redland Ahead supports the training of underserved populations and veterans to become farmers & explore careers in Agri-business in programs offered by FIU and UF (TREC).  In addition, the organization supports training to improve the profitability from existing or future crops through the creation of the 1 private development of incubators, commercial kitchens and other ventures in the Redland community.

HCC- Hispanic Commerce Coalition is a non-profit (501c3) Florida Corporation with headquarters in Miami, Florida. HCC’s coalition is made up of a unique mixture of businesses across the Western Hemisphere, Domestic & International Economic Development Organizations, Trade Promotional Organization, National and International Chambers of Commerce,  including world-renowned Fortune 500  and International companies.  HCC is dedicated to the promotion in Bilateral Trade across the Western Hemisphere and supporting partners across Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia.

Homelessness and lack of affordable housing represent the most critical challenges Veterans face today.  Veterans Village of America Corp. is a company founded by Veterans, for Veterans and we are proud to be partnered with another Veteran founded organization: FHAF - The Helping Hand Foundation who provides affordable housing for veterans. We serve as the exclusive managing oversight for all Veteran's Village housing facilities across the United States including, but not limited to, overseeing the facilitation of basic services that will be provided at each housing location, like pre-screening of common health issues by having a certified nurse on-site at Veteran's Village housing facilities. Veteran's Villages are inclusive and provide ADA compliant housing for disabled vets at specific locations.

St. Joseph House actively contributes to the recovery of persons living with a mental health diagnosis. We provide a stable environment, meaningful work in our clubhouse, including transitional employment, and many styles of support. St. Joseph House operates on the hope and the belief that, regardless of circumstance, people with mental diagnoses have the ability to live and work well, with purpose. We strive to end the stigma of mental illness by empowering our members to be prepared and confident as they navigate challenges in their lives.

Friends Helping Friends The Helping Hands Foundation’s mission is to provide housing, educational programs and health and human services aimed at helping Veterans and families achieve long-term stability including nutrition education, job training, health management, and help in securing state-funded assistance. Our management work along with the VA and our community partners to offer a range of voluntary services. FHAF is a leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending homelessness, poverty and the lack of access to quality education. We are known within our local communities for our unshakeable commitment to the dignity of all people. In addition, we also distribute food and other essentials to those in need.


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